Helen Johnston

Saying and Beyond

Content design, copywriting,
non-fiction editing
and management of publishing projects

Experienced, diligent, inquisitive


Project coordination - from ideas to publication and beyond.

Communications manager? Team creative? Policy specialist? Erm, magician?

Or maybe you just have a great idea.

I bring together people, their thoughts and insights to produce a piece of work that fulfils every aspect of the brief.

Be it a book, blog, leading-edge public report, charity campaign, college prospectus, or your jumble of ideas just waiting to be transformed.

uk map highlighting Edinburgh
I can work as part of a wider creative, project or management team - at your place of work or from my office in Edinburgh.

A university prospectus with a creative brief that will attract both students and parents.

Pulling together the meticulous detail from every faculty. Writing sparky lifestyle content to appeal to students – alongside the practicalities of student life. Liaising with university heads; meetings with designers; briefings; photo commissions; keeping everyone on track. Notable alumni contacted and interviewed. Page proofs? Checked. Print quote? Done. Ready in time for the international market and delivered overseas.

If you would like to discuss a project, or simply to find out more, do get in touch.


Highly experienced professional in non-ficton and academic editing. Working with individuals, organisations and publishing companies.*

*Is it all about typescripts, page proofs, layout and commissioning briefs? Almost!

It’s also about flair, style, consistency, accuracy, flamboyancy, credibility, transparency, authority. In fact, whatever you need your words and facts to do.


If you would like to discuss a piece of work, or find out more about editing, please get in touch.


Good writing really shines through.

  • Feature articles and news items
  • Interviews and press releases
  • Quirky? Yes – always a fun side!

Factual also. I specialise in turning complex ideas into succinct pieces of work that will inform and engage audiences – aware of possible language barriers and difficulties with reading.

To find out more or discuss in confidence a piece of work, do get in touch.


I work with many truly inspiring people and organisations, and this is what makes me tick.

  • They come from business and the arts, and from further and higher education.
  • They come from government and the public sector.
  • They are publishers, authors, educators, lobbyists, leaders in their field.
  • They come from national charities and publishers. Others are simply setting out on their first public journey with words.
Everyone I work with has one thing in common: the need to share their ideas and do justice to their work and passion. It is a privilege to help shape these thoughts and goals.

Clients include AdvanceHE, Istituto Affari Internazionali, the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman, Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, Alliance Creative, Scroll, Edinburgh University Press - and many individuals, from prominent academics to business owners needing a helping hand.

Getting in touch

I work remotely from my office in beautiful Edinburgh with people from around the world - from the Middle East via Italy, to New Zealand and Canada. However, if you are a little closer to home, I can also work in-house as part of your team. The best bit about my job? Meeting people!